Ilya Mashkov: Self-Portrait with Pyotr Konchalovsky (1910)

245,00  incl. MWSt.

Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov

born on 17. July (jul.) / 29. July (greg.) 1881 in Mikhailovskaya on Don (Volgograd), died on 20. March (greg.) 1944 in Moscow

Oil on canvas, 208 x 270 cm
Collection of the State Russian Museum
St. Petersburg

Reproduction of 500 copies
Technique: Digital serigraphy on canvas

Height (stretcher size): 88 cm
Width (stretcher size): 120 cm

A quantity has to be produced actually. You may reserve one by mail. One piece is nevertheless available on stretchers. We will tell you the price incl. shipping on request.

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